International Women's Day

Forward Together

Celebrating the incredible women at viaPhoton and their allies who promise to Break The Bias and foster an inclusive world for all. We asked our team, from around the globe, how they pledge to take ownership for driving gender parity.

Creating equality means deconstructing the barriers and preconceived notions regarding generational, societal, and professional stereotypes. As women, we will continue to stand strong. As a collective, we must stay accountable.

Nikki Ferlazzo • Creative Director
Philadelphia, PA

It makes me very proud, as an individual and a member of the viaPhoton team, to see us take the lead on this very important aspect of our progress as a society.

Wasif Khan • CFO, Co-Founder
New York, NY

Breaking the bias to me means hiring the best person for the job, regardless of the position and individual’s race, ethnicity, and certainly gender.

Scott Schaack • VP of Sales – 5G
Atlanta, GA

Diversity of our team and inclusiveness of our culture is what allows us to change the norm.

Baber Abbas • CEO, Co-Founder
Chicago, IL

How often are we innocently contributing to the bias? If we want to forge women’s equality collectively, we must take individual ownership. When we understand our own biases, we can live the change we want to see, and create ripples of impact that increase equality and inclusion..

Anam Toseef • Director of Communications
London, UK


Celebrating International Women's Day

viaPhoton • Aurora, IL 

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