Data Service

How our tech-enabled platform helped a managed data service provider develop a truly customized solution

In 2021, a client approached viaPhoton looking for a very specific solution: An integrated copper and fiber solution. We didn’t have this specific offering at that time—but that didn’t hold us back from concepting the new solution in one day, fully prototyping it in three, and delivering it in five. Our secret to speed was in our modular product design, which allowed us to maintain 85% of our existing product and only needing to change 15% to accommodate these copper requirements. When we presented the solution, our clients were impressed not only by our fast turnaround, but how prepared and well-versed we were in what they needed. 

Key Takeaways

Customized solutions, going beyond off-the-shelf options as needed

Prototyping in days, development in weeks

Experienced and well-versed team of experts


How our solutions-based thinking helped a large broadband provider to scale quickly

This client was looking to scale from 10 sites to 100 sites a month—a 10x increase in deployment. That meant they needed a new solution, ideally one that was a more installer-friendly alternative to what they were using at the time. Out of the 3 different suppliers they consulted, only viaPhoton engineered a custom solution that met their exact needs.  After we won their partnership, we also took over their inventory management responsibility—from procuring their existing inventory to acquiring and managing all raw fiber materials—which means that all they have to worry about is placing POs and installation. 

Key Takeaways

Signature modular manufacturing approach means a solution specially engineered with the customer in mind, every time

Close partnership across a spectrum of needs, from custom manufacturing to inventory


How our modular manufacturing approach helped a major cloud provider swiftly adapt to changes

After installing our Fiber Trunk Module solution with our standard 1U panel in their data centers in 2021, we received feedback from this client that would require us to engineer to a very specific set of requirements for LC/LC bundled jumper patched in the panel. Among other requests, they needed an adapter module to connect the LC jumpers to, as well as a “front load” solution because of their network topology. Our modular product portfolio enables us to change only the necessary components that need to be upgraded based on new requirements. Combined with our technology-enabled platform that helps us prototype quickly, we were able to get back to them within a month to meet their unique needs—a process that typically takes 4-6 months to complete. Ultimately, we successfully helped them maintain the uptime of their network. 

Key Takeaways

Modular product portfolio helps meet changing requirements

Technology-enabled platform = rapid prototyping

5x faster to meet client needs


How our localized supply helped protect a nationwide service provider from supply chain issues

To ensure that this client could keep deploying their network throughout their supply chain—a strain that this industry is intimately familiar with—we bought inventory ahead of their demand via our localized manufacturing supply. We commit to our customers before they commit to us, and that’s established us as their best and most reliable supplier over three consecutive quarters—even with the numerous changes they’ve made to their requirements. 

Key Takeaways

Localized supply helps us serve—or even stay ahead of—ongoing needs, and protects clients from overseas supply chain issues